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Welcome to Warp Speed Hosting!
The Internet's newest and best connected place to host your site!

Warp Speed Hosting is a high-performance web hosting service connected to the same network that powers most of the largest sites on the Internet.  Until recently, web hosting of this caliber was out of the reach of small to medium business... until now! 

Finally!  Amazing connectivity for web hosting is available at fantastic prices! Warp Speed Hosting’s servers use the same Internet backbone networks as the largest fortune 500 companies.

"What’s the big deal?" you might ask.
It is a misconception that many web hosting companies who advertise that they have plenty of bandwidth such as "multiple OC3's" or "T3’s" should be plenty for most "low-end" needs. The difference between Warp Speed Hosting and the "others" is in the diversity of connectivity and not just the amount of bandwidth that a provider claims is available. Warp Speed Hosting makes use of a centralized bandwidth model of numerous large pipes to different Internet backbones!

Consider the following general false misconceptions about web hosting along with the correct answers to these statements:

Statement: If I view a web site at a provider and it comes up fast then my site will come up close to as fast to people who view my site if hosted at that provider at the moment that I tested the service (assuming that the end user has the same sort of connection to the Internet that I do such as a 56K modem).

Answer: Incorrect, if a web site comes up fast then it simply comes up fast for you at that time. It could be unreachable or extremely slow for 99% of other Internet users who browse that site at that very exact moment.

Statement: If the web hosting provider claims they have multiple T3 (or OC3’s) and that they keep their utilization below 50% of capacity then my site has to load quick to end users on the Internet because most end users only have a 56K modem thus the "bottle neck" is at the end user and not at the provider.

Answer: Incorrect, a provider can have unlimited bandwidth to one, two, or three Internet backbones and could simply perform extremely well within those backbones while 90% of other Internet end users who’s Internet service providers make use of other underlying backbones could find your site unreachable or extremely slow.

These are some of the reasons that the largest sites use diversely connected bandwidth as Warp Speed Hosting does. The "Big Boys" simply cannot afford to be unreachable to anyone on the Internet. For the first time, this service is now available through Warp Speed Hosting for the average web site.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself when choosing the web hosting provider that is right for you:

Question: I have made my web site as efficient as possible. Where should I host it?

Answer: Host your web site with Warp Speed Hosting (or any provider than can maintain quality web hosting servers while at the same time providing centralized T3’s (OC3) to numerous different Internet backbones) or buy yourself a fancy server and co-locate the machine at such a datacenter for thousands of dollars per month while maintaining the machine yourself.

Question: Why is Warp Speed Hosting so much better?

Answer: Due to our diverse immense connectivity, we are able to deliver your web site to the end user over the exact backbone that they requested your web site from, thereby cutting the number of "hops" in half and eliminating close to all of the "bottlenecks" on the end of the web hosting provider. In short, your site will load far faster to any end user than it would at "other" web hosting providers and be reachable to close to all Internet users since we have direct connections to almost all of the Internet backbones.

Question: How can I properly evaluate a web hosting provider so that I know that my site will come up as quickly as possible (or be reachable) to 99+% of all Internet users.

Answer: You would have to have access to numerous different computers across the entire Internet (or USA) and run tests against the same site and the same moment in time and look at the results. Or, instead of doing all of this work, you could research the quality network that your site is hosted at and choose your provider based on rational Internet facts such as those above. Your decision will be to host with Warp Speed Hosting or locate and maintain your own server with Warp Speed Hosting.

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